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Zero mistakes. No defects. That’s our baseline standard.

It’s not enough for Schafer Driveline to provide you with a top-notch quality system. We must exceed your expectations. That’s why every driveline we deliver is usable on your shop floor.

Our manufacturing and quality assurance teams insist on setting the industry benchmark for quality and they set it high. From the start, your job goes through a specification review to make sure we use the correct materials, dimensions, tolerances and applicable engineering standards. Then your Schafer team stringently adheres to our Poka-Yoke mistake-proofing system in all of our lean assembly processes. This eliminates the human errors that cause defects in safety-critical products such as your axles, brakes and gearboxes.

We back this up at the end of the line with sophisticated noise, vibration and harshness testing (NVH). This ensures your vehicles meet your specifications for a quiet and smooth ride. Robust spin tests, shift tests and air leak tests contribute to your customers’ complete satisfaction with your off-highway vehicles’ performance and endurance. We can then provide you with quality reports for each axle by serial number and will store this valuable information in our database for order tracking and fast response if ever you have questions.

100% of your axles are made in the U.S.A.

We produce all your axles and many of their components in the U.S.A. so we can closely monitor their quality according to our high-quality standards. With our engineering and manufacturing teams’ insistence, we’ll exceed your quality expectations. 

Staying current with the industry and technology changes that impact your vehicles’ quality

Because we are members of many professional organizations, and are constantly training our team members, we can keep you updated on the latest quality-related changes in your field. Our quality assurance department also works hard to find and invest in the best software, the latest data-collection devices and extremely accurate measurement equipment to ensure you that our robust quality systems can meet your requirements today and into the future.