Model 24E

Higher torque and weight capacity than H-12; the axle-of-choice for burden carriers, utility vehicles and LSVs

Model 24-E Details
  • Torque capacity: continuous torque rating – 24 ft-lbs (33Nm); maximum intermittent torque rating – 72 ft-lbs (98Nm)
  • Weight capacity: 2,200 lbs (standard) (1000 kg); 3,000 lbs (HD) (1360 kg)
  • Castings designed by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to withstand high beam loading 
  • Split case die-cast housings allow for flexible and modular vehicle mounting
  • Heat-treated, forged steel gears with ground gear teeth make less noise; last longer
  • Available ratios from 12:44:1 to 16:99:1
  • Increased bearing sizes and longer bearing life 
  • Customizable tubes and brackets
  • Drum brake options include 160mm (mechanical or hydraulic) or 7” (178mm) (mechanical or hydraulic)