Model 45

Driveline Model 45 Axle

The 45 Axle is our newest, highest load capacity axle assembly for off-highway applications. It hefts 6,500 lbs. (2950 kg) with quiet, reliable ease. Better yet, its modular design lets you build your axle to meet your heavy-duty vehicles’ needs so your machines keep moving — even in grueling conditions. Design your 45 Axle with these features:

  • Ratios from 4.10 to 7.17. If you need a different ratio, ask us. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Optional designs accept electric or hydraulic motors with ratios up to 40:1.
  • Wheel mounting — 8 on 6.5” (165.1mm) B.C. Ask for other options.
  • Steering axle version available.
  • Input yoke or companion flange options available.
  • Independent suspension axle assembly version available.
  • Drum and caliper brake options are available, too.