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South Bend, Ind. (Jan. 6, 2016) — A rapidly increasing demand for high quality, precision-ground spur and helical gears in North America has led Schafer Gear Works to increase its manufacturing capacity with five new machines at its plant in South Bend, Ind. “We are continually upgrading our technology for tighter quality control and faster product delivery,” said David Alley, Schafer Industries Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our continuous equipment improvement ensures that we meet the rigid ISO 9001:2008 and AGMA 13 standards our customers expect.”

The five new machines include:

Two Gleason gear grinders that bring the plant’s total number to 11, which is one of the highest capacities for a privately owned gear manufacturer in the U.S. The fully automated Gleason 160 TWG and Gleason 300 TWG conduct faster, more flexible hard-finish grinding on spur and helical gears (up to 160 mm and 300 mm respectively). Gleason’s patented, anti-flank twisting capability helps Schafer produce its signature quieter gears.

A P15U Pee-Wee spline/thread rolling machine that eliminates Schafer’s dependence on outside vendors for this renowned gear-teeth cutting technology. The P15U (for gears up to 50 mm maximum) produces the highest-precision serrations and with the new in-house capability Schafer can deliver better lead times as demand grows.

A Hota HGH 180 gear hobber that precisely generates gears and splines. Its automation contributes to Schafer’s ability to keep its costs competitive.

An automatic Hota HDG 250-NC2 gear chamfer/deburring machine that quickly and accurately cleans gear teeth.

Schafer Gear Works manufactures one of the widest ranges of custom-engineered, precision-cut gears for off-highway markets. Its South Bend plant produces 1.5- to 10 inch-diameter spur and helical gears; its Fort Wayne, Ind. plant manufactures small-diameter gears with tolerances to .0002 inch; and its Rockford plant specializes in gear grinding to AGMA Class 13 up to 60 inches in diameter, face grinding to 8 inches in diameter, internal gear grinding from 12 to 36 inches in diameter, and spur and helical gears up to 36 inches. All three plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified and the Fort Wayne plant also meets the aerospace AS9100 standard. Cell-based manufacturing processes at all locations ensure strict adherence to customers’ quality and delivery specifications.

Schafer Industries was established in 1934 and has been under its present ownership since 1988. The company is a diversified supplier to a variety of markets in North America including leisure vehicles, material handling, mining, power transmission, construction, locomotive, aircraft, medical, as well as automotive and heavy-duty truck markets.

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