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Leisure/Utility Vehicle Transaxles



Product Details

Schafer Driveline produces a variety of drum brakes ranging from 160mm to 12" in diameter. Many sizes are available in mechanical or hydraulic actuation and feature non-asbestos friction lining. Our brakes are designed to stop vehicles ranging from a 1200-lb golf car up to a 30,000-lb machine.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions AxleIn the off-highway market, there are no "off-the-shelf" applications. Schafer Driveline has the engineering expertise to design a complete and complex powertrain solution. Working directly with you, we perform all of the calculations for gear strength, load capacity and speed requirements. With feature options like gear ratios, differential lock, high/low/neutral/reverse shifting, wheel-to-wheel width, wheel bolt pattern, custom bracketry and ground speed governor, Schafer Driveline can create a custom powertrain, saving you from having to design a vehicle around an existing axle.


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